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Fog Bank is an installation investigating affective environments through multiple means: textural variation, light & shade, blurring, reflectivity, and varying opacity. The surface of the installation is composed of plastic tubes clustered together to form a surface derived from programmatic elements within the space. Together, the tubes create a highly animated effect, alternately shimmering with light or distorting it to create an atmosphere diffused throughout the space at once tangible yet ethereal.

Fog Bank was designed and fabricated by 5th-year Cal Poly Architecture students in the Senior Thesis Design Studio "Affective Environments" taught by Eric Nulman. Studio: Aramis Arciga, Rachel Atmadja, Scot Bailey, Patrick Delorey, Chris DiSibio, Keith Houchin, Anthony Kallioinen, Matt Kendall, Eugene Kosgoron, Kristin Larson, Kai Liao, Matthew Moran, Ryan Nearman, Reid Nystrom, Alessandro Ortiz-Hurtado, Ryan Ouimette, James Ross, Monica Sterrett, Adam Terwall, and Allison Wasilewski.

Willett Moss

Cal Poly ©2010

4 February - 9 April 2010

Cal Poly Architecture
Fog Bank

Public Opening
4 February 2010 @ 6pm

Cal Poly Alumni Social
11 February 2010 @ 6pm