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Dude! The addition of Skier Halfpipe to the 2014 Sochi Olympics, with Skier Slopestyle soon to follow, has created a buzz in ski resorts and added a fresh face to a sport that had been eaten by its offspring - snowboarding - at least in the eyes of the younger set. And, where the sport goes, resorts physically follow. A new pre-engineered, free-span, inexpensive building, taking visual cues - both literal and metaphorical - from the icy world within which it exists, sits in the middle of Mammoth Lakes, California, acting as an icon for the wintery world and sport training facility it shelters. Fronting onto the main artery of town, the large entry oculus provides a semi-transparent graphic for visitors to peer through and experience the action within, while also allowing the activity to spill out onto the street and trail, and enliven the public realm.

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