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5 March - 10 April 2009

Willett Moss
Made in Rome: The Aleatoric Landscape

Opening Reception Thursday March 5th 6 - 9pm

Willett Moss is principal of CMG Landscape Architecture, a San Francisco based practice focused on urbanism and landscape design. The office was founded in 2000 by Moss, Kevin Conger, and Chris Guillard, following their work at Hargreaves Associates. The firm's work spans a range of scales from modestly sized temporary site installations to neighborhood plans shaping the contemporary city. Moss's life and work has been informed by a longstanding interest in the coincidence of the body with the ground. Moss is a licensed landscape architect; he received the Master of Landscape Architecture from Harvard University. His work has regularly received honors and awards, most recently the 2006 Rome Prize Fellowship in Landscape Architecture from the American Academy in Rome.